Below are some questions that we’re often asked. If you’d like to have your question addressed here for everyone, please email it us at info@bridgewaterveterinaryhospital.com and let us know that you’d like it to appear on the website.

If you need an immediate answer, please contact the office at 215-638-9275.

Can you recommend training options for my dog?2018-04-13T17:58:31+00:00

A. Looking for a dog training in and around Philadelphia or in the Lower Lehigh Valley?  We recommend Opportunity Barks Behavior & Training.  Visit their website at www.opbarks.com.

My dog has an ear problem, can I pick up some more medication?2018-04-11T15:48:05+00:00

A: If we have a pretty good handle on the type of infection (bacterial, yeast, mixed) and your ability to treat it, and if we’ve seen your pet within the past 12 months, we’ll refill. If the problem seems to be stubborn, treatments have not worked, if these infections keep recurring too quickly, or if it’s been more than 12 months since we’ve seen your pet, we’ll probably want you to make an appointment.

My cat is starting to “go” places other than the litterbox. What can I do?2018-04-11T15:46:58+00:00

A: The best minds in veterinary behavior medicine struggle with this problem in cats. We’ll start off by saying that it is far more likely to be rooted in stress/change/anxiety than in your cat deliberately engaging in vendetta. Furthermore, there may be physical causes, too. Or, it might have started with stress or a physical problem, and now he is learning to enjoy the place behind your sofa as his latrine. Once discovered, this habit should be vigorously investigated and treated, as each episode outside the box reinforces the habit. We successfully treat many of these, but also rely on the services of behavior specialists for some patients.

My dog is vomiting, what can I do until I bring her in?2018-04-11T15:51:42+00:00

A: You should withhold all solid food (treats, biscuits, food, scraps). Also, pick up the water bowl and offer only ice chips periodically. Common causes include “dietary indiscretion“ like bottom-feeding in the kitchen trash, foreign material in the stomach or intestines (we’ve removed dish towels, telephone cord, rocks, underwear, golf glove, socks, and one neatly chopped police duty belt from pets’ intestinal tracts). Call the office or our emergency referral hospital for more specific advice.

My dog has been sprayed by a skunk!! How can I get rid of the smell?2018-04-11T15:51:59+00:00

A: Click here to view or download our the Skunk Antidote.  It’s the best one we’ve found!

Do you offer gift certificates?2018-04-13T17:27:02+00:00

A. For a great gift any time of the year, why not give a Gift Certificate? We have them for $25, $50, $75 and $100.

Can you give me some information about pet insurance?2018-04-13T17:21:53+00:00

Pet insurance works a little differently than people insurance. With human insurance, you’ll normally pay a co-pay when you go to your doctor. The doctor’s office then bills your insurance company and you receive a bill for whatever portion you are responsible for. With pet insurance, you pay the veterinarian in full at the time of your visit. You then submit your bill to your insurance company for a direct reimbursement.

Just as with human health insurance, there are dozens of pet insurance companies out there, each with many different plans. With some plans, you have a low monthly premium but you may pay more out-of-pocket when expenses arise. Conversely, others have higher premiums but more things are covered.

There really is no “one size fits all” so you’ll need to do some research before picking a plan. The absolute best place to start is a website called Pet Insurance Review. As the name implies, it reviews all the pet insurance companies and shows you a side-by-side comparison. From there, you can narrow down your choices and look further into the companies that interest you.

Where do I take my pet in case of emergency?2018-04-13T17:22:31+00:00

A. Your answer here.

Is it really necessary to bring my dog and/or cat in for a yearly comprehensive exam?2018-04-13T17:22:37+00:00

A. Your answer here.

What is the difference between an annual exam and a bi-annual Wellness visit?2018-04-13T17:22:44+00:00

A. Your answer here.

Does heartworm prevention and flea prevention need to be given year round?2018-04-13T17:22:52+00:00

A. Your answer here.

What dog and cat food brands do you recommend?2018-04-13T17:22:58+00:00

A. Your answer here.

When do I switch from puppy/kitten food to adult food?2018-04-13T17:24:17+00:00

A. Your answer here.

How often do I need to bathe my dog?2018-04-13T17:24:30+00:00

A. Your answer here.

Should I declaw my cat?2018-04-13T17:24:39+00:00

A. Your answer here.

We just found a stray pet. What should we do?2018-04-13T17:24:46+00:00

A. Your answer here

When do you need fecal samples, and why?2018-04-13T17:24:57+00:00

A. Your answer here.

How do I transfer my pets records from a previous veterinarian?2018-04-13T17:25:04+00:00

A: Your answer here.

Do you offer a senior citizen discount?2018-04-13T17:25:50+00:00

A: Your answer here.

Do I need an appointment for my pet to see a veterinarian?2018-04-13T17:25:46+00:00

A. Your answer here

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